March 11, 2014

Oxidizing Jewelry with Liver of Sulfur

If you want to add a rustic or antique look to copper, brass, or silver jewelry, add a patina by oxidizing it. 
I will show how I oxidized my copper bracelet with liver of sulfur. 

You can find liver of sulfur in a liquid, gel, or dry (rock) form.
First, clean the piece that you plan to oxidize using a soft, dry cloth. This will ensure that any dirt or  oil does not cause uneven oxidation.

Fill 1 cup with hot tap and another with cold water.
Drop 3-4 drops (or a pea-size lump of dry form) of liver of sulfur into a hot cup of water and stir. A yellow color is a good starting point.

Drop the item you want to oxidize into the solution.
For the darkest black, dipping the object several times is better than one long soak.
Once you have the color you want, remove the item(s) and then rinse with cold water. This will neutralize and stop the oxidation. Dry the item.
If you like your jewelry as is, you are done :) 
I prefer to polish my jewelry after oxidizing. You can remove the oxidation by rubbing with polishing cloth or fine steel wool.
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  1. I must to remember this!!! Thank you!

  2. Thank you! Very helpful!

  3. I love the antiqued jewelry, it's so pretty. Thank you for sharing your idea how to do it.

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  5. Beautiful jewelry!
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