May 9, 2012

"Wire fabric" pendant with ceramic beads

I made another pendant. This time I "turned the fabric upside down". Then, attached ceramic beads. They are pretty, aren't they?
Right side of the "wire fabric" looks like a knitted piece. Yes, I added four 2mm sterling silver beads, just for fun.
You can notice that three beads are attached to the loops, and two are on the sides attached without loops. Well, primary, I wanted to have only three beads, but later decided to make a company of 5, the more the better :)
The wrong other side reminds me satin weave. So, actually, this pendant is double-sided!
This pendant's size is 2"(50mm) x  1 3/4"(45mm).
Sterling silver, sterling silver filled, ceramic beads.

You can buy this OOAK pendant at my Etsy shop here

May 8, 2012

Silver Wire Woven Pendant

Today I was itching  to make something with wire:)  I did not know what exactly I wanted. Maybe something  not big, something like a... pendant. Plus, I got a  new  soldering block* which means I had to try it, and I will use my torch as well.
Sterling silver wire and lamp-work bead from MayaHoney