May 23, 2014

Birthday Sale

In honor of my daughter's and my Birthdays, I am holding an annual sale this week that will let you save 30% on all jewelry. The sale starts on Friday, May 23rd (Anya's Birthday) and ends on Friday, May 30th (my BD). Prices are already reduced! (click on the banner):
So if you've been thinking about picking up a hand made jewelry, gift for your friend or for yourself, now is the time to celebrate with us and take advantage of savings.
Plus, first three buyers will get a free gift from me (value up to $15).

UPD. After this sale, use coupon code BLOG10 for 10% off. 

May 4, 2014

Marking your pliers with crystals

Yesterday I was teaching a jewelry class.  Some of my students had the same tools that looked alike (e.g. all crimp pliers look alike). While teaching classes  (or taking a class), you may accidentally grab somebody's pliers. To know which tool is yours,  simply mark it :) 
I have all my pliers marked with Swarovski hotfix crystal rhinestones, 5mm.
Clean the surface of your pliers from grease and dirt. 
These crystals are "not recommended for leather, water resistant material or non-porous surfaces", so I put a tiny drop of 'Jewelry&Metal Glue'.
Also, you can use adhesive backed crystals (you find them in scrap-booking department). There is just one snag - those crystals may "wear out" and have not pretty look.
Also, you can use paint to mark your pliers. Just do not paint handles.

May 1, 2014

Ear Sweeps

Ear sweeps are earrings that are like a bobby-pin type earrings made to fit the lobes and the outside ridge of your ear.
 You will have a multiple-pierced look without the extra holes :-)

Putting on Ear Sweeps:
Thread the back wire of the Ear Sweep through an existing pierced ear hole in a downward position. Pull through as far as it will go. Rotate the Ear Sweep upward. Continue rotating while pulling the outer ear in-between the back and front portions of the Ear Sweep.

Ear Sweeps may be adjusted to fit most ears.
- DO NOT make any adjustments while the Ear Sweep is on the ear.
- To tighten or loosen, do so a little at a time until it is comfortable yet snug.
- The ends of the wire should cross each other or almost touch. 

You can buy Ear Sweeps here