May 1, 2014

Ear Sweeps

Ear sweeps are earrings that are like a bobby-pin type earrings made to fit the lobes and the outside ridge of your ear.
 You will have a multiple-pierced look without the extra holes :-)

Putting on Ear Sweeps:
Thread the back wire of the Ear Sweep through an existing pierced ear hole in a downward position. Pull through as far as it will go. Rotate the Ear Sweep upward. Continue rotating while pulling the outer ear in-between the back and front portions of the Ear Sweep.

Ear Sweeps may be adjusted to fit most ears.
- DO NOT make any adjustments while the Ear Sweep is on the ear.
- To tighten or loosen, do so a little at a time until it is comfortable yet snug.
- The ends of the wire should cross each other or almost touch. 

You can buy Ear Sweeps here

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