January 11, 2012

DIY: How to Make Bead Spinner

A bead spinner is not required tool, but if you string many seed bead strands you may find this simple spindle tool a reason to celebrate! 
And you do not have to spend $15-$65. You only need one wooden chopstick and small plastic jar(container). I used one from apple sauce, and it holds up to 100 grams of beads!

Using an awl, make a hole in the center of jar. Push the stick down through the hole gently and slowly, allowing the pushing to widen the hole. Keeping about a couple centimeters (about 1 inch) of the stick sticking out from the bottom of the jar, use a couple drops of super glue to stick these two part
 Ideally, the bowl will be at least a third of the way filled with beads.... Hold the wire down in the beads, pointing to the left, while you hold the top portion of the dowel and spin anticlockwise. Turn the dowel quickly, spinning it as fast as possible. Based on a very simple scientific principle -centrifugal force - the beads are "forced" onto your wire/needle. 
My bead-spiner's base made from two glued spools from wire . So, your full of beads spinner can stay upright even if you do not use it.
I hope you like this tutorial!

Al your comments are highly appreciated. 


  1. I am just loving your site and all of the tutorials. Truth be told, I need to get back to my jewelry making. I have a bead spinner brand new in the box and I just wish that I had seen your tutorial first! That is so simple! >.<

  2. Would it still work without a hole at the bottom? Could I just hot glue a chopstick to the base?

  3. It will work, but it is much easier to spin.

  4. Hi!

    I am loving your site and tutorials - finding them all very helpful. I am new to beading and have been working with seedbeads mostly - slowly getting into using other types. I am currently using a clear (fishing like) wire. Is there a better material I should be using? Also, I am going to try this bead spinner, but are there such things as needles to help sew the beeds? I have been using 2mm seed.

    Thanks ladies!

    1. Try FireLine® thread, it's like a thread but strong as fishing-line . You can buy it even at Walmart (fishing dept)
      For this bead spinner you can tread the beading needle