January 13, 2012

Beaded Tea Rose

The other day I was making a tea rose for my friend...beaded rose on wire of course :)

  I love making these little beauties. Only 8 petals, 6  sepals, stamen, and 10 leaves for 1 flower :)

I remember 7 years ago I was making 11 pink tea roses. I could make a dozen, but I run out of beads. The bouquet was beautiful! I have a small picture of it.

Oops... I almost forgot to boast :) I've got a gift from my friend Alla who runs FleetingStillness shop on Etsy. She made a beautiful Stained Glass Panel Bud Vase for me, where my tea rose now lives :) I think, they were "born" for each other :)
Do  you want to learn and master Victorian technique while making this cute little flower with leaves? I have a tutorial just right for you! 

It has 8 pages with 26 step-by-step detailed photos.

Materials for 1 flower:
Wire 28 ga – 11.1m (36 ½ ft)
Seed beads #11° petal’s color (
Seed beads #11°, green
Seed beads#11°, “stamen’s color”
Floral tape, green
Floral stem, 16ga


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