January 2, 2014

Spiral Shawl Pin

This hand-shaped, hammered spiral keeps your scarf or shawl in place without piercing or snagging the yarns. 
You will need:
Round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, chasing hammer, bench block, 12ga wire - 6"

Using round nose pliers, start making a loop...

 When the loop is done, take flat nose pliers and continue wrapping the wire around the loop. Wrap it very loose!
  You may finish spiraling using your fingers.
Hammer the spiral. You may file the end, so it's edge is rounded and not sharp.

To anchor your shawl with the pin, just slip the end of the spiral through the layers of shawl, bring it back through to the top, and turn the pin. The spiraling shape does all the work for you. To remove the pin, simply rotate it the other way.
Photos by SocksAndMittens


  1. Thanks,for the great tutorial. Sometimes the simplest work is the most beautiful!

  2. Great tutorial, love it. Thank you for sharing, I should try to make one!

  3. looks simple and very cute!