January 27, 2012

Work with WigJig - Part 1

To make  my jewelry I use mostly three kinds of pliers: chain nose, round nose, and flat nose pliers. Sometimes they are just not enough to make some designs. I use a special tool - wire jig that  makes  my life a lot easier when I have an intricate design I need to replicate for earrings or a design that I need to repeat.
It can be  just like this pair of earrings that look like twins :)
Or this Celtic set:
I love making simple designs, but sometimes I want to wrap, wrap, coil, wrap... and get something like this. 
Inca's Gold necklace. One of my favorite works.
All the works above were made using Thing-A-Ma-Jig
Last year, my friend Lena made me a wonderful gift - a new Wig Jig Cyclops. Now, I can make more intricate designs!
Video tutorial is HERE


  1. It is really beautiful!
    Love your works!

  2. Wow! so impressive! can't wait to see what WigJig looks like ;)

    1. Click on the link below of the last photo to see how it looks and how it works