July 17, 2014

Work with WigJig - Part 2 - Video

Today, I want to show how to use a wire-wrapping Jig while making this pair of earrings.

In general, I use 20 gauge wire for earrings, 18 ga wire for bracelet components and 18 or 16 ga wire for necklace components. Using dead soft wire may require hardening of the finished piece.

You may use different size of pegs to change  a size of the loop like here.
Use the same element as an embellishment for  a pendant.

Work with WigJig - Part 1


  1. What a great video. The wig jig idea seems now much more simple then before. Thank you for sharing! Love your finished earrings, too.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! Now I have some ideas! (not jewelry ))