July 7, 2014

Beaded Tea Ball Infuser

Whether you're brewing cups of your favorite loose-leaf tea or seasoning wine, cider or soup with spices, you'll be happy to have these infusers on hand. Having a nice looking infuser makes your tea taste even better.
You will need an infuser, beading wire 1 ft, crimping beads, beads of your choice, and crimping pliers (buy them here). I have one large bead (diamond shape in my case) as a focal bead.

Slide a crimp bead on your beading wire. Slide on a focal bead and loop beading wire back through crimp bead leaving ~1" of beading wire.
Using your crimping pliers, put the crimp bead into “C” shaped notch. Pinch closed. Make a 90 degree turn with the bead and crimp closed.
String the beads onto the wire (I pass the short wire end  together with  long wire hiding this short end). You can string the beads in random order or in the pattern.
When you have all beads on the wire, push them towards the focal bead. Slide a crimp bead and a chain link of a ball infuser on your beading wire and loop the wire back through crimp bead and 3-4 beads. Tighten the wire.
Crimp the last crimp bead.
Your fancy infuser is done! 
Now, fill it with your favorite loose tea leaves (you may want to add some fresh mint leaves too), brew, and enjoy your cup of tea!

See another DIY tutorial how to make a bracelet  using this technique here 

 Photos by SocksAndMittens


  1. This infuser is so pretty, I love this idea. Great decor for a tea party!

  2. Lovely idea! Thanks for sharing!

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