December 2, 2012

DIY: Feather Earrings

Today, I will show how to make Stylish Feather Earrings For Stylish Women.
To make a pair of these earrings you will need:

- pair of ear-wires
- cord ends - 2
- eye-pins -2
- lamp-work beads (or any beads of your choice) -2
- feathers
- round-nose pliers
- chain-nose pliers
- wire-cutters

December 1, 2012

Angel Earrings

To tell the truth, I have no time to make jewelry lately. Last night I was teaching  Intermediate Wire Wrapping jewelry class at Michaels. Today I woke up an wanted to make something with square wire! Dale Armstrong's earrings were my inspiration.
Copper and bronze wire with some copper beads :)

Available at my Etsy shop