August 26, 2017

Wrap Bracelets

These women's wrap bracelets feature a combination of high quality beads and crystals.
Over 200 beads are skillfully woven to a strand of silver/grey colored leather.


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May 29, 2017

Button Rings

How much fun it is to be able to use round craft wire and a few "found" items to make a fashionable item! Instead of using buttons, you can substitute large flat beads, add your own flair with a few accent beads, use colored craft wire, and you're making a new ring in just a few minutes.  
This is a great crafts project for young girls at a party or on a rainy afternoon, too!
20ga round read soft wire - 2ft
2.5mm round metal beads - 8 (your button may require more beads, depending on its size)
4-hole button 

Chain nose pliers
Wire cutters
Ring mandrel


Cut the necessary wire. Place the center of the wire on the ring mandrel, at ¼ size larger than the desired finished size. Wrap both ends of the wire very tightly around the mandrel until you have 3 or 4 full wraps around it.
 Button Ring

Button Earrings

I always find a few left-overs that can be used for a new project. Today’s very simple tip would work perfect for those miscellaneous buttons, ear wires and beads that you have just sitting around.

Use small 2-hole buttons as connector/ findings to hook ear wires and beads together.
Button Earrings
 I prefer to use oval jump-rings to connect the button and beads. CLICK HERE to see how to make your own jump rings. Very easy to do with a mandrel and wire.

March 28, 2017

Cotter Link Chain

Tools and Materials:
·         20ga dead soft round wire (1.5" (4cm) for one link)
·         Flat nose pliers
·         6 Step Barrel Pliers (you may use round nose pliers with 5mm and 2mm diameter marks)
·         Wire cutters

February 19, 2017

Sea Turtle Pendant

This wire wrapped turtle necklace is a great gift for the turtle lover in your life!
I have used 16 gauge solid copper wire to fabricate a turtle, it was textured with a hammer, oxidized and polished.
I made a family: Mama-Turtle and two babies :)
You can buy these pendants here

July 24, 2016

Crimp Pliers – Not just for crimping beads

Make your own headpins using…crimp pliers! It is so fast and easy.
1. Paddle pin.
  • Use the back flat surface of the pliers to “squeeze” the end of wire.
  • If the paddle is not even, file it with an Emory board.

June 26, 2016

Bracelet Sizer

I made these three bracelets that are the same length (8”) but they fit differently because the size of the beads.
You can make your own bracelet sizer from Styrofoam cup.
First, I made templates with pieces of thread, one for each size.
Fold the thread in half; place a knot half size away from the fold. For example, for 7” size, place a knot 3 ½” away.
Turn the Styrofoam cup upside down and slide the thread templates on it. Mark the cup with sharpie marker tracing on the threads and write the size too.
 Slide your bracelets to determine the size (my blue large bead bracelet does not fit for this cup).
Helpful guidelines for bracelet sizes:
I work on the following rule for making my bracelets:
wrist measurement + 1 inch = bracelet size
Women's Sizes: 
Small: 6.5"
Average: 7"
Large: 7.5 – 8"
X-Large" 8.5+"
Men's Sizes:
Most Common: 8"
Average: 8-9" 
Ankle Bracelet (Anklets)
Most common: 9"
Average: 9-10"