March 31, 2014

Rose Bud Earrings Studs

You will love these cuties! These little rose posts made out of one continuous piece wire.
The size of buds is about 7 mm (5/16").
For those who likes copper:
For gold lovers- gold rose buds
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March 29, 2014

Earrings in Argentium Sterling Silver

I love to work with Argentium sterling silver wire! To make some of my jewelry I use a torch to make a ball on the end of the wire. Working with copper or regular sterling silver you got a fire scale and the ball  is moderately pitted (sterling silver) or slightly pitted (copper). With Argentium  sterling silver wire the ball is smooth!

This pair of Orbital earrings is made with argentium sterling silver wire and green faceted malachite (imitation) beads.

Pretty and delicate, these earrings are made with green goldstone beads.
Argentium sterling silver wire replaces some of the copper with the element germanium, and by definition, Argentium never contains less than 93% true silver. The germanium, coupled with the silver and copper, creates a fine piece of anti-tarnish silver wire that you will love to wear! 

You can buy these earrings here

Wire from

March 28, 2014

Amethyst 14k Gold Zigzag Earrings

Usually, I work with copper ( I love copper) and sterling silver (or SS filled) wire. When I've got these hand-cut flat rectangle amethyst beads... I knew,  they wanted to be framed in gold! 

So, I ordered 14Kgold filled wire from Wire-Sculpture and made this pair :)
They look simple and elegant.
They go with just about everything!
 You can order them here

March 11, 2014

Oxidizing Jewelry with Liver of Sulfur

If you want to add a rustic or antique look to copper, brass, or silver jewelry, add a patina by oxidizing it. 
I will show how I oxidized my copper bracelet with liver of sulfur. 

You can find liver of sulfur in a liquid, gel, or dry (rock) form.
First, clean the piece that you plan to oxidize using a soft, dry cloth. This will ensure that any dirt or  oil does not cause uneven oxidation.

March 2, 2014

Pink Coral Sterling Silver Pendant

Do you have some single unusual beads and do not know what to do with them?
I had a pink coral beads for 5 years or so. I even do not remember where I got it. Today, finally, it happened! :)
I made a pendant out of it.

I used sterling silver filled wire, sterling silver beads and this pink free-form coral bead. 
The pendant measures about 2"(5 cm).
Comes with sterling silver filled 18" chain (46cm)

The pendant is very unusual and will make a nice conversation piece! 

You can buy it here (only one available).