February 19, 2012

Video-Tutorial: S-hook Clasp

"S" clasp is a nice comfortable clasp. Handmade clasps and hooks will add a personal touch to your jewelry. Make sure you use a wire gauge that is heavy enough to produce a strong clasp for your necklace or bracelet. I generally use 14 gauge wire, but, for a delicate piece I may use 16 gauge.You can also use a jump ring with the clasp.

To make this clasp you will need round nose pliers, chasing hammer, steel bench block.
Watch my video tutorial how to make this "S"-hook clasp.

PS. Excuse my web-camera for going out of focus in some episodes.


  1. thanks..this is a great tutorial :)

  2. Thanks very much ! I loved it !

  3. easiest way to make an "s" clasp, thanks so much. Got it on the first try!