February 14, 2012

Tucson Gem Show 2012. Part 1- Fun Things

I was in Tucson for the whole week.
The Tucson Gem Shows are a collection of different events held at over 50 locations through the Downtown area.
Dozens of shows and exhibits are running at the same time.
I spent most of my time in Tucson Electric Park (I was teaching classes there).
First thing I really wanted to take picture of was this retro looking Ice-Cream Car.
Do you want these dragons on your front yard?
or... may be this Fish... but it is already sold :)
Pretty thing. And price is lovely :)

Drusy cabochons. Lots of them. I bought 4 :)
Coconut purses. Only $4 each!
Fossil sink. Impressive :)
Very pretty shell beads. Click  for price.
Watch your step! You are walking on rose quartz !
This talented artists is painting on agate slices.
Looks awesome!
Big fossils
little fossils

Part 2


  1. Ого, сколько тут всего красивого и интересного !!!

  2. Ой,я в шоке!Пустите меня туда!

  3. Альбиночка,супер!спасибо что поделилась. Мне очень понравились расписанные агаты! Вот от них энергетика прет!