August 26, 2017

Wrap Bracelets

These women's wrap bracelets feature a combination of high quality beads and crystals.
Over 200 beads are skillfully woven to a strand of silver/grey colored leather.


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May 29, 2017

Button Rings

How much fun it is to be able to use round craft wire and a few "found" items to make a fashionable item! Instead of using buttons, you can substitute large flat beads, add your own flair with a few accent beads, use colored craft wire, and you're making a new ring in just a few minutes.  
This is a great crafts project for young girls at a party or on a rainy afternoon, too!
20ga round read soft wire - 2ft
2.5mm round metal beads - 8 (your button may require more beads, depending on its size)
4-hole button 

Chain nose pliers
Wire cutters
Ring mandrel


Cut the necessary wire. Place the center of the wire on the ring mandrel, at ¼ size larger than the desired finished size. Wrap both ends of the wire very tightly around the mandrel until you have 3 or 4 full wraps around it.
 Button Ring

Button Earrings

I always find a few left-overs that can be used for a new project. Today’s very simple tip would work perfect for those miscellaneous buttons, ear wires and beads that you have just sitting around.

Use small 2-hole buttons as connector/ findings to hook ear wires and beads together.
Button Earrings
 I prefer to use oval jump-rings to connect the button and beads. CLICK HERE to see how to make your own jump rings. Very easy to do with a mandrel and wire.

March 28, 2017

Cotter Link Chain

Tools and Materials:
·         20ga dead soft round wire (1.5" (4cm) for one link)
·         Flat nose pliers
·         6 Step Barrel Pliers (you may use round nose pliers with 5mm and 2mm diameter marks)
·         Wire cutters

February 19, 2017

Sea Turtle Pendant

This wire wrapped turtle necklace is a great gift for the turtle lover in your life!
I have used 16 gauge solid copper wire to fabricate a turtle, it was textured with a hammer, oxidized and polished.
I made a family: Mama-Turtle and two babies :)
You can buy these pendants here