February 28, 2016

Beaded Coral Tassel Tutorial

This lesson shows how to make beaded coral tassel. You can use this technique for making earrings, key-chain and bag charms. 
Seed beads #11/0
Focal bead (or group of 2-3 large beads)
Beading thread
Lobster clasp (for bag charm)
Split ring (for keychain)
Ear hooks (for earrings) 
Beading needle #12 
Scissors (or thread burner) 
Instruction below will show how to make a bag charm, but you can use this technique for making earrings as well.
Step 1: On a comfortable length of thread, pick up focal bead(s) and lobster clasp. Place this group in the middle of thread.
Step 2: Pass the thread back through the bead(s) skipping the clasp. Tighten.

Fancy Pyramid Pendant Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make a 3D pyramid wire wrapped pendant.

Printer friendly- 6 pages, 33 steps

Materials and tools:
18ga round dead soft wire
26ga round dead soft wire
3mm round beads
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Wig-Jig® Cyclops with pegs – optional
Extra optional: chains, beads, headpins

Tutorial is HERE