July 24, 2016

Crimp Pliers – Not just for crimping beads

Make your own headpins using…crimp pliers! It is so fast and easy.
1. Paddle pin.
  • Use the back flat surface of the pliers to “squeeze” the end of wire.
  • If the paddle is not even, file it with an Emory board.
Using the same method, I made this pair of earrings separating crystals by flattening the wire.

2. U-bend head pin.

  • Start with the tip of chain nose pliers and make a tiny 180 degree bend bending.
  • Now, take a crimp pliers and using “O” shaped notch and complete forming a “head”.
  • Notice that this method will place the wire end very close to the pin.
ubendpin 1
ubendpin 2

ubendpin 4

I hope you enjoyed this tip.

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