June 26, 2016

Bracelet Sizer

I made these three bracelets that are the same length (8”) but they fit differently because the size of the beads.
You can make your own bracelet sizer from Styrofoam cup.
First, I made templates with pieces of thread, one for each size.
Fold the thread in half; place a knot half size away from the fold. For example, for 7” size, place a knot 3 ½” away.
Turn the Styrofoam cup upside down and slide the thread templates on it. Mark the cup with sharpie marker tracing on the threads and write the size too.
 Slide your bracelets to determine the size (my blue large bead bracelet does not fit for this cup).
Helpful guidelines for bracelet sizes:
I work on the following rule for making my bracelets:
wrist measurement + 1 inch = bracelet size
Women's Sizes: 
Small: 6.5"
Average: 7"
Large: 7.5 – 8"
X-Large" 8.5+"
Men's Sizes:
Most Common: 8"
Average: 8-9" 
Ankle Bracelet (Anklets)
Most common: 9"
Average: 9-10"

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