December 2, 2012

DIY: Feather Earrings

Today, I will show how to make Stylish Feather Earrings For Stylish Women.
To make a pair of these earrings you will need:

- pair of ear-wires
- cord ends - 2
- eye-pins -2
- lamp-work beads (or any beads of your choice) -2
- feathers
- round-nose pliers
- chain-nose pliers
- wire-cutters

Insert feather(s) into a cord-end's slot as shown.
Using chain -nose pliers, bend one edge of the tip down over the feather.
Bend another edge to secure all feather(s). 
Repeat these steps for the second earring.
Slide one eye-pin into the bead. Bend the pin over the top edge of the bead at 60 degrees, perpendicular to the loop.

Using round noes pliers, make a simple loop. Cut the wire. 
Open one lop, slide on cord end with feathers, close the loop. Attach the ear wire to the other loop of the bead.
 Finish the second earring in the same manner. 

You can buy this pair of earrings here 

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