April 15, 2014

DIY: Bead Crimping: Necklace - Bracelet

Today I want to show you how to make a necklace or a bracelet using beading wire.
 Beading wire is a flexible stainless steel wire that consists of several strands of wire bound in a nylon coating. It combines the strength of steel with the softness of thread. The more strands in the wire, the more flexible your project will be. There are several brands of beading (stringing) wire on the market: Beadalon®,  Accu-Flex®, Soft Flex®, etc. 

To make this necklace you will need: variety of gem chips, beading wire, two crimp beads, 2 crimp covers, clasp (toggle), crimping pliers, chain nose (I used bent nose) pliers, wire cutters
Measure and cut a piece of beading wire. You will need a length of necklace + 6" (15cm). For example, my choker-bracelet is 16", so cut 16"+6"=22". Remember, that clasp will add extra length to your jewelry.
Slide a crimp bead on your beading wire. Slide on a clasp and loop beading wire back through crimp bead leaving ~3" of beading wire to thread back through a bead.
Using your crimping pliers, put the crimp bead into “C” shaped notch. Before your pinch the pliers closed, pull the bead wire apart so that they are at opposite ends of the “C.” Pinch closed.

Your crimp bead now looks like a “C.” Make a 90 degree turn with the bead and crimp closed.
Place a crimp bead into a cover. Using chain nose pliers, pinch the cover closing it. 
String the gem chips onto the wire ( I pass the short wire end  together with  long wire hiding this short end in the "body of the necklace). You can string the chips/beads in random order or in the pattern.
When you have all chips/beads on the wire, push them towards the clasp. Slide a crimp bead and a second half of the clasp on your beading wire and loop the wire back through crimp bead and 3-4 gem chips/beads. Tighten the wire.
Repeat crimping and add a crimp cover.
My necklace-choker is 17" long. You can wear it as a necklace ... or, wrap it twice around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet!
 Experiment with your beads and have fun!
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