August 1, 2014

Golden Bohemian Necklace - Reusing and Repairing Jewelry

Do you have some jewelry piece that is broken, has missing parts, or you do not wear it but would love to give it a second life?
My friend Tanya had this pretty golden bracelet with stretched cords. Guess what? We made three different pieces of jewelry from this bracelet!
First jewelry is this eye catching bohemian style necklace.
1. Pull apart the  bracelet. Clean the beads if necessary. 
Extra materials you will need for this project: 26 ga golden brass wire, 2 gold head pins, chain with a clasp, a pair of round nose pliers, chain nos—É pliers, and wire cutters. 
For this necklace I used only "rectangular" shaped beads. Actually, they are 4-strand spacer beads. The necklace has 5 beads arranged into V shape. (From the rest of "oval" beads we will make other jewelry).
2. I inserted a head pin into a bead. Pulled the pin out...
3. Using round pliers, start making a loop...
4. Slide a link of a chain in the loop you just made...Finish wrapping the pin twice. Cut the wire end.
5. Joining the beads. Using  26ga wire, simply "stitch" the beads together, making sure that the wire goes inside the beads, not over the edges.
I made my wire run twice for more security.
6. Bring the wire ends together and twist them tight.  Cut off the wire ends. Tack the twisted wires inside the bead (hide inside the bead) so it will not scratch your skin.
7. Attach all beads in the same manner.
8. Attach the second  chain to another end.
Stay updated to see what was made next!

Photos by SocksAndMittens

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  1. I love this piece. It looks so cool. I still have some pieces left so lets wait and see what else we might get from that bracelet.