May 8, 2012

Silver Wire Woven Pendant

Today I was itching  to make something with wire:)  I did not know what exactly I wanted. Maybe something  not big, something like a... pendant. Plus, I got a  new  soldering block* which means I had to try it, and I will use my torch as well.
Sterling silver wire and lamp-work bead from MayaHoney 

My husband says that this pendant looks like a bird :)
 This pendant is 2" (50mm) long and  13/4" (45mm) wide.
*No real soldering was involved, I just put hot melted wire pieces on the soldering block :)


  1. Too cool! Congrats on the new soldering block nad what a neat pendant. Your weaving is so precise it looks like it is knit! What a beautiful pendant :)

  2. Thank you, Rose! I wanted the piece to look like a piece of "wire fabric". I just finished another pendant- will show shortly.