March 10, 2016

Spiral Post Earrings, Part 2 (using butane torch & LOS)

This lesson shows how to make a spiral post/stud earrings with balled end.
8” of 21 ga round half hard wire
Earring backs-2
 Flat nose pliers
 Round nose pliers

Wire cutters
Bench block
Ball peen hammer
Metal file 

Liver of sulfur (optional) 
Butane torch (optional)

1.   Cut a piece of 21 ga wire 4” (10cm) long.
Using a butane torch, melt one wire end until it has a small ball. You can notice the discoloration – do not worry about it (If you do not want to have a ball on the end, skip this step*)

2. Using flat nose pliers, bend another wire end at 90° angle in 3/8” (1cm)
 3.  Grab that end with the very end of round nose pliers so the short end is paralleled to the jaws 
4. Start coiling the wire.
5. When you have two wires in spiral, hold the wire with flat nose pliers

6. Continue coiling until you reach the ball.
7. Place the stud on the bench block as shown and flatten the ball and the spiral with ball peen hammer.
 8. Now, you can flatten a little a stud itself. This will harden the wire
9.Round the end with a file. 
10. Repeat steps 1-9 for the second ear post.

* You can make a loop instead of balled end and attach a bead.

Put your ear studs in liver of sulfur solution until it is dark.

Rinse the jewelry thoroughly under cold running water and dry.

Polish the ear posts with polishing cloth. Now studs are monochrome! 
Post Earrings, Part1

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