March 4, 2016

Spiral Post Earrings - Part 1.

This lesson shows how to make a spiral post/stud earrings.
• 8” of 21 ga round half hard wire
• Earring backs-2
 • Flat nose pliers
 • Round nose pliers
• Wire cutters
 • Bench block
• Ball peen hammer
• Metal file

1.    Cut a piece of 21 ga wire 4” (10cm) long. Using the very tip of your round nose pliers, make a P-loop on the end of wire.  Continue coiling with the round nose pliers until you have one and a half coils…

2. Now, hold the loop with flat nose pliers and gradually spiral one more spiral...

 3. Continue coiling the wire using flat nose pliers until you have 5 full spirals.
4. Use the ball peen hammer to flatten and add some texture.
5. Hold the wire just across the spiral end as shown.
6. Bend the wire end at 90° angle, so the spiral and the wire end lie in perpendicular planes.
7. Trim the wire in 3/8” (1cm) from the spiral.
8. Round the end with a file...
Repeat steps 1-8 for the second ear post.

Post Earrings Part 2 


  1. Beautiful earrings! Thank you for the tutorial!


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