July 7, 2013

My First Bead Crochet :)

I am addicted now:) I do not know for how long I will do this, but every day I hold a crocheting hook in my hands. And this is not my fault, but my friend's Lena :) I spent my vacation in New Hampshire where Lena lives , and she taught my how to crochet with beads. To tell the truth, it was not easy for me. I was fighting with all the beads on the thread, they seemed to me wanted to  be in some bead mess, but not in the nice tube. Finally, I won! Here is that my the very first bracelet that I wear with proud!
My colleagues were jealous :) OK, not  jealous, but they loved my bracelet and one of them asked to teach her to crochet with beads too! Another girl asked to make her two bracelets . I used inside-color beads for pink bracelet, so this bracelet looks like sugar candy :)
I am working on  a long lariat now and do not not how it will look when I finish it, but I will show the result . My husband calls this unfinished (yet) piece "a snake":)

To see more Lena's crochet jewelry visit her  Etsy shop